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ABOUT_PREPIn 1992 thanks to the vision and persistence of a small group of Hurunui residents, Amberley Community Preschool Inc (originally known as Hurunui Childcare Centre Inc) was built and opened.  Many hours, skills and knowledge were contributed by a wide range of people in our community to complete this huge project.
We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit, Incorporated Society that is still very much connected to our Community.  We are governed by a board of like minded parents and/or community members who are elected annually.
Moving forward we are excited to announce that we are still celebrating the foresight that this original group of passionate Hurunui District people had and have developed a 2nd service, Amberley Community Prepschool.
We are an Incorporated Society, each family is a member of our society. This is why we have a $10 per year family fee. We are also Not-for-Profit organisation and are a member of the Charities Commission. This means that any profit that is made by our Centre is reinvested back for the benefit of our children.

Preschool and Nursery Philosophy


Our community centre embraces ‘manaakitanga’; the care and hospitality of those around us. Manaakitanga underpins our philosophy and sees that children are cared for with utmost respect. In turn, children learn to care for people, the community, the environment - the world. Shared kai is an integral part of our morning routine. We value this as a time for the whole centre to be together and prepare for the day ahead. 


Whanaungatanga, the relationships we share with our children, whānau and the community are at the heart of our centre. Our safe, warm and genuine environment enables respectful and trusting relationships to develop among teachers and whānau; visitors are welcomed with open arms.ABOUT_para2

Whanau Tangata

The community in which we live is kuru pounamu (a treasured gift). Community events, outings and ‘giving back’ are significant aspects of our daily programme, where children are empowered to understand the wider context in which they live and grow


We acknowledge the holistic way in which children learn. Our programme unfolds every day through child initiated interests. Children partake in free uninterrupted play as well as opportunities to enjoy teacher led activities pertaining to current interests and community events. We value the importance of fun and laughter.

Through free play, risk taking and navigating relationships with peers, children take increasing responsibility for their own learning and care. Children develop a sense of self-worth, confidence and social and emotional competence as they contribute their own special strengths and interests to the group. We hope that our open-ended environment ignites exploration, imagination, creativity and inquiry.



The Amberley Community Prep School is a potentiating, powerful environment where children and whānau are valued. We aim to inspire your child to reach their full potential through discovering the love and the challenges of learning.

Children will have the freedom to embrace new ideas, push boundaries, challenge and extend their knowledge through wide and varied opportunities and experiences. We provide activities that support and encourage gross motor and cognitive development.

Numeracy and literacy is woven through our daily program, extending on a child’s knowledge through intentional teaching. Our environment empowers our children to express their creativity and imagination, reflecting the holistic way that childABOUT_Para3ren learn and grow and acknowledging them as unique and free-spirited individuals.

 Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum is interwoven in our learning program.

Whanaungatanga is the foundation that underpins our relationship with the wider community, giving our tamariki the opportunity to learn within the community that they are a part of. We believe growth and learning takes place with the support of nurturing adults, peers and within the context of a rich and interconnected web between the child, family, local community and greater community.

We honour the dual heritage of Aotearoa in accordance with manaakitanga. Demonstrating integrity, sincerity and respect towards Māori beliefs, language and culture. 

We believe transition to school is a significant step in the life of a young child. It is a step that we foster by arming the children with the tools and experiences to support both themselves and their whānau through this important time.


The Committee

ABOUT_4Amberley Community Preschool is governed by a voluntary committee made up of elected parents, past parents, and interested community members. The role of the committee is the governance of the Preschool. They work through a strategic and annual plan system to provide a quality educational programme. The committee is there to support staff and parents, and elections are held at the Annual General Meeting in May.
If you would like to enquire about this committee please email or call Emma in the office.

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