Thank you for your interest in our Centres.
We encourage you to come and visit us at either Amberley Community Preschool or Prepschool any afternoon between 1-30 and 3-00pm.
We recommend you book your child in for a minimum of 2 sessions per week. This enables your child to establish their sense of belonging within our Centre and this continuity enables them to familiarize themselves with their peers, our teachers and the Centre routines.
Please feel free to download our pre-enrolment form (links below), complete and return to us.

Download preschool enrolment forms

Download prepschool enrolment forms



Morning Session: 8.00am to 1pm
Afternoon Session: 1pm to 5.00pm

A minimum booking of 2.5 hours is recommended per session.
All bookings are charged for regardless of attendance.

Hourly rate: $6.80 per Child
Daily rate: $50.00 per Child
School day rate: $12.50 per child
Weekly rate: $218.00 per Child






Daily Rate:  $12.50 per Child
Our Session is All-Day from 8:15am to 3:30pm.
in order to maintain continuity throughout your child’s learning day and to minimise disruption to the teaching programme the following bookings are available:

  • 8-45am to 3-15pm (daily minimum)
  • 8-45am to 3-30pm
  • 8-30am to 3-15pm
  • 8-30am to 3-30pm
  • 8-15am to 3-30pm (daily maximum)

20hrs ECE

A maximum of six hours per child per day can be claimed under the weekly 20 Hours ECE scheme for children aged 3-5 years with a maximum of 20 hours per week per child. We request children to enrol for a minimum of two sessions per week.


Work and Income subsidies may be available depending on your income. Please ask for a form.

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