Our nursery is a place for both child and family to call their own. We encourage you to stay and play as long as you like while your child gets to know us.

Our calm, inviting space and low numbers (1 teacher: 4 children) ensures children have ample time and space to challenge mind and body while discovering their own special strengths and interests. Our small teaching team and intimate setting enables child and whanau to grow secure and trusting relationships through one-on-one interactions and open communication.

We care about what you are doing at home. During your child’s day we hope to incorporate the things you do at home to ensure important links between home and centre are established. Your child’s culture and interests, as well as whanau hopes and aspirations are acknowledged and extended within our daily programme.

Our community centre embraces ‘Manaakitanga’; the care and hospitality of those around us. Manaakitanga underpins our philosophy and sees that children are cared for with upmost respect. In turn children learn to care for the people, the community, the environment- the world.

Our caregiving times encompass respectful practice where one-to-one responsive interactions in un-hurried time enables children to feel engaged and be part of the decision making. Our flexible daily programme is dictated by the needs of the individual child. We hope to reflect your child’s home routine by keeping things as similar as possible.

Our daily programme empowers infants and toddlers to explore, challenge, learn and grow through a variety of experiences.

Through exploration of the environment children take increasing responsibility for their own learning an care; develop a sense of self-worth, identity confidence and enjoyment; contribute their own special strengths and weaknesses and endeavour to understand what makes them UNIQUE.

“Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatau mahi”

“Let the uniqueness of children guide our work”









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