Prep School

We are professional, caring teachers who are passionate about preparing your child for life. We believe in developing respectful relationships with the children and encourage their whanau/family to actively participate in their child’s learning, creating a sense of whanaungatanga – home and centre relationships.

Inquiry learning time allows the children to work in small groups focussing on their current interests and developing skills through intentional teaching.

Throughout the daily programme children have opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills, build their gross motor development (running, skipping, jumping) and express their creativity and imagination.

We provide children with the freedom to embrace new ideas and push boundaries in an adaptable learning environment both inside and out which changes with our children’s interests and abilities, empowering your child to make choices about their own learning.

We believe transition to school is a significant step in the life of a young child. It is a step that we foster and arm a child with the tools and experiences to support both the child and whanau.












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